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Temporary work

This is a very interesting method of employment, that have come from the USA and it becomes more and more popular method of employment in Poland. At the moment, it is regulated by an act (reference to the act), gives new opportunities both to an employer and to employees. Temporary work is a specific trilateral employment relationship between:

  • Temporary worker
  • Agency
  • Employeer - User (Client of Work & Profit)

The Agency employs a Temporary Worker, and then we delegate him or her to work at the Employeer - User (Client)'s. The Agency is responsible for settlements with workers and payment of insurance premiums for the Polish National Insurance Institution ZUS as well as taxes.

Temporary work is an excellent solution for the companies, who are characterized by varying intensity of activity, and when an unexpected need for replacing an absent worker arises. It is also an excellent method for "trying-out" an employee ("try and hire"), that gives an employer a possibility to prolong employment for a limited period of time (unlimited number of contracts for a limited period of time).

This is also an excellent method of employment for persons who are just beginning their professional carrier, that after some time opens a possibility of concluding a regular work contract.

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