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agencja pracy tymczasowej

DBR Recruitment
DBR Recruitment is a method of quick worker search for a demanding Client. Thanks to a very large database being at the disposal of Work & Profit, we can quickly (5-7 days from a Client's decision) present a list of selected candidates (from 5 to 10 persons).

RR Recruitment
That is a many-stage recruitment process, meant for Clients who search for a "tailored" employee. Apart of a database verification and multidirectional announcement campaign, we apply elements of "head hunting" and we guarantee full anonymity of a Client (upon their request).

HR outsourcing
A goal of a HR outsourcing is to increase profits of our Clients. Work & Profit offers two employment systems, that shall allow our Clients to make considerable savings as regards cost of personnel management (accounting, human resources), and also cost of hiring staff itself.

Urgently looking for a support workers (warehouse support, cashier and other blue collar workers) and have a problem with that? We will find him or her even in 24 hours!

Temporary work
This is a very interesting method of employment, that have come from the USA and it becomes more and more popular method of employment in Poland.

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